Join our team of passionate virtual aviators.

Membership requirements
Above the average in the industry.

In real life, you could never take a command of transport category (multi engine, multi crew) aircraft on a commercial flight, without having at least 1500 hrs.

Your Airways has relatively strict policy when it comes to membership requirements. We consider our pilots to be ambassadors of the company, representing us all over the virtual world.

As in real world, you have to have specific number of flight hours in network or real world to join. We requite captains only, as flight simulation, by nature, is usually a single pilot job. Minimum to join is 150 hrs, moving up in ranks will offer additional aircraft types (long-haul), ETOPS ranks etc. Progressing will be relatively easy, as you count more hours, you will gain experience. Some of our members have real world PPL, CPL, ATPL or thousands of hrs in flight simulator - they can easily help.

  • Green captain - min 150 hrs. ref: EASA FCL Appendix 6-Modular training courses for the Instrument Rating.
  • CPL captain - min 700 hrs. ref: EASA ORO.FC.A.250 Commanders holding a CPL(A).
  • ATPL captain - min 1500 hrs. ref: EASA FCL.510.A ATPL(A) Prerequisites, experience and crediting.

Note that Your Airways does not provide basic pilot training, person joining us shall have:

Basic pilot training:

Basic theoretical knowledge in following topics:

An applicant shall demonstrate a level of knowledge appropriate to the privileges granted in the following subjects:

a) Air Law,
b) Aircraft General Knowledge — Airframe/Systems/Powerplant,
c) Aircraft General Knowledge — Instrumentation,
d) Mass and Balance,
e) Performance,
f) Flight Planning and Monitoring,
g) Human Performance,
g) Meteorology,
i) General Navigation,
j) Radio Navigation,
k) Operational Procedures,
l) Principles of Flight,
m) Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR),
n) Communications. 

Practical operational and flight skills requirements:

The applicant shall demonstrate the ability to:

(a) operate the airplane within its limitations;
(b) complete all maneuvers with smoothness and accuracy;
(c) exercise good judgement and airmanship;
(d) apply aeronautical knowledge;
(e) maintain control of the aeroplane at all times in such a manner that the successful outcome of a procedure or maneuver is always assured;
(f) understand and apply crew coordination and incapacitation procedures, if applicable; and
(g) communicate effectively with the other crew members, if applicable.

Type rating:

Your airways does not provide type rating courses, each and every applicant must ensure that he/she is capable of operating the requested aircraft type in accordance with manufacturer specifications, rules, regulations and standard operating procedures. Your Airways does provide manuals and support for our mainline fleet.

Our type rating requirements are based on EASA FCL.

Type rating syllabus

Applicant shall demonstrate knowledge on aircraft type on following topics:

(a) Detailed listing for aeroplane structure and equipment, normal operation of systems and malfunctions
(b) Limitations
(c) Performance, flight planning and monitoring
(d) Load and balance and servicing
(e) Emergency procedures
(f) Special requirements for extension of a type rating for instrument approaches down to decision heights of less than 200 ft (60 m)
(g) Special requirements for ‘glass cockpit’ airplanes with EFIS
(h) Flight management systems

Recruitment process
Doing it correctly means that half of the process is done.

1.Crosscheck that you meet all of the requirements:

  • As all of the flights are currently operated in VATSIM network, pilot must meet all of the requirements stated by the VATSIM, found at
  • Minimum hours requirements for the applied rank is met.
  • Applicant shall meet the minimum theoretical knowledge requirements as stated above. Your Airways may request a theory exam.
  • Applicant shall meet the practical operational and flight skills requirements as stated above. Your Airways may request a practical flight test.
  • Applicant shall be able to operate the requested aircraft as described in type rating syllabus above. Your Airways may request a theoretical exam and/or practical flight test.

2. Send the application

    3. Verification and evaluation process

    Each application will be review by the staff of Your Airways. Provided information will be validated. Your Airways may request additional details and theoretical exams to be conducted.

    4. Interview

    Applicants who pass the verification and evaluation process will be contacted to schedule an interview. It should take around 15 minutes. Interview is usually done via Skype or Discord.

    5. And you are done

    If the applicant meets all of the requirements, has passed verification and evaluation procedures and has had a successful interview, the access to the Your Airways systems will be granted.

    Welcome to our team!

    Pilot will go through a brief training about our procedures, documentation and Intranet system. This is usually done via Skype or Discord. Pilots may be required to do a line training, meaning that the flights will be monitored by our instructors, pilots are assisted and instructed as needed. After that, you will be released for unsupervised operations in Your Airways colors. Lucky you!