Recruitment procedure

Who sayd it has to be easy

Status of our recruitment system is OPEN

Your Airways is currently looking for new pilots or staff.

1. Pick one of the options from our current vacancies below:


min 150 hrs. in VATSIM

ref: EASA FCL Appendix 6-Modular training courses for the Instrument Rating.

one aircraft types
MTOW < 136 000 kg
ETOPS prohibited


min 700 hrs. in VATSIM

ref: EASA ORO.FC.A.250 Commanders holding a CPL(A)

two aircraft types
MTOW < 136 000 kg
ETOPS authorized


min 1500 hrs. in VATSIM

ref: EASA FCL.510.A ATPL(A) Prerequisites, experience and crediting

three aircraft types
no MTOW restriction
ETOPS authorized

  • - exceptions to the minimum requirements may be done by the management if the applicant has experience from other networks, provable offline hours or real life experience. 

2.Crosscheck that you meet all of the requirements:

  • As all of the flights are currently operated in VATSIM network, pilot must meet all of the requirements stated by the VATSIM, found at
  • Minimum hours requirements for the applied rank is met.
  • Applicant shall meet the minimum theoretical knowledge requirements as stated above. Your Airways may request a theory exam.
  • Applicant shall meet the practical operational and flight skills requirements as stated above. Your Airways may request a practical flight test.
  • Applicant shall be able to operate the requested aircraft as described in type rating syllabus above. Your Airways may request a theoretical exam and/or practical flight test.

3. Send the application

4. Verification and evaluation process

Each application will be review by the staff of Your Airways. Provided information will be validated. Your Airways may request additional details and theoretical exams to be conducted.

5. Interview

Applicants who pass the verification and evaluation process will be contacted to schedule an interview. It should take around 15 minutes. Interview is usually done via Skype or Discord.

5. And you are done

If the applicant meets all of the requirements, has passed verification and evaluation procedures and has had a successful interview, the access to the Your Airways systems will be granted.

Welcome to our team!

Pilot will go through a brief training about our procedures, documentation and Intranet system. This is usually done via Skype or Discord. Pilots may be required to do a line training, meaning that the flights will be monitored by our staff, pilots are assisted and instructed as needed. After that, you will be reaalsed for unsupervised flights in Your Airways colors. Lucky you!