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"Founded and driven forward by people who share a love for aviation and also have actual airline experience - what more could you ask for? Come and fly interesting routes!"

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"If you are looking for a professional virtual airline with an elaborate web environment that is based on real life experience and procedures, look no further!"

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"If you're looking for an environment where learning and self-development have virtually no limits look no further. Run by sim vets, with actual industry background."

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Your or our airways

Well, from your current perspective it may be ours, but it is easy to make it yours by joining us. You may be our virtual customer or pilot. Our team is ready for you. Are you ready for us?

One of the oldest and most sophisticated virtual airline platforms, based on real-life know-how and years of experience with small, but close community. It is a nice feeling to approach our small home airport of Tallinn with many company aircraft on the frequency, just arrived or about to depart, piloted by your friends and then get a landing clearance from ATC who is also a member of us. Being small is our strength that not too many nations have.

We try to keep our operations as realistic and safe as possible, real manuals are used, aircraft start the flight from where they landed. We have relatively high entry requirements. Deliberate unsafe actions or by gross negligence are not tolerated.

Flight Operations

Our main focus is scheduled and charter passenger transportation to/from our home – Estonia. We are responsible for about 35% of virtual flights at TLL Tallinn airport. Our charter, executive and cargo operations runs all over the world, limited by capabilities of the aircraft and our members imagination.


The fleet is maybe the most important component of any virtual airline. The aircraft add-on must be complex, realistic, look good and be supported on different simulator platforms, therefore we pick the best out of the best. Mainline fleet is made up of popular aircraft while charter and cargo fleet is more unique.


One of the most overlooked aspects of virtual aviation is flight preparation and planning. Our in house EFB solution is developed by real flight dispatchers and pilots. It is integrated into phpVMS, simbrief, Navigraph, VATSIM and PilotEdge. The outcome is realistic and easy to used custom platform that is loved by the users..

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Contact us by e-mail, facebook, discord or simply fill and send the contact form on the right. We do our best to reply to you as soon as possible.

Please note that our official facebook group is co-hosted with Estonian Virtual Aviation Association.


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