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our approach is to emulate daily life of a pilot, from briefing to check out


Probably the most sophisticated EFB solution
ever developed for a virtual airline


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What our members say

Quotes are actual and we did not pay to them

"Functioning staff, well analyzed and interesting routes, clear flight planning system, active, helpful and professional crew"

"If you are looking for a professional VA with an elaborate web environment based on real life experience and procedures, look no further!"

"Your Airways is a good VA, because here, pilot is a full member of the airline, who’s opinions matter and wishes are taken into account . Here is a close group of people who are fanatics of virtual aviation."

Office locations & Route Network

Office locations
Cites by the bays

When the lights go down in the City and the sun shines on the bay ... (Steve Perry)

Your Airways operates from two hubs:

  • Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport EETN/TLL, Estonia

    We are Estonian virtual airline, so Tallinn is the obviously choice for our main hub. Your Airways generates about 35% of the entire VATSIM traffic to/from TLL. Tallinn airport scenery is made by Drzewiecki Design, its runway is almost 3500 m long, making it suitable for basically any type of aircraft.

  • San Fransisco International Airport KSFO/SFO, United States

    Winters in northern Europe are cold and dark, but we like warm and daylight. If it gets dark in Estonia, the sun just starts to rise in California. Therefore our pilots loved to fly over the Nevada deserts, Rocky Mountains and over beautiful west coast.

Route Network
from Anchorage to Zurich

Your Airways has operated to more than 100 airports all around the world

Our scheduled destinations include major metropolitan cities, such as London, New York, but also to a smaller places like  Yellowstone in US or Greek islands in Europe. All of the destinations are selected based on high quality scenery availability from developers like UK2000, FSDreamTeam, FlightBeam, ORBX, Turbulent, flytampa and so on. As a real airline, we also operate on seasonal schedule. Some of the destinations are for winter, some for summer. Schedules are revised at the beginning of each season when members can suggest and vote for new airports. We try to keep the number of destinations relatively low, so that pilots would get familiar with airports.

We also operate charter and ACMI flights to basically whatever destinations.

  • Our current scheduled route map can be found here.

Winter nights and days at high latitudes can be dark and frustrating ... but is it really true?


Our philosophy - Most sophisticated add-ons for desktop flight simulators

Your Airways was founded due to one aircraft, Maddog 2006, McDonnell Douglas MD-80, it was ahead of its time. Add-on featured things never seen before in one package. Like visual icing effects, working flight data recorder, working circuit breakers, separately dimmable panel lights and much more. Next big thing was PMDG NGX, Boeing 737-800, that also raised the bar for desktop flight simulation. Flightsim and Flight Factor labs A32X series is our current main workhorse.

There is no place for Ctrl+E in our airline. Your Airways continues to select best available aircraft simulations for the fleet.

Fleet is updated based on add-on availability and our member input.

Most of the aircraft have VATSIM traffic models available for both FSX/P3D, X-plane and soon for MSFS 2020.

Livery design concept was updated early 2020

List of approved aircraft

1st Mainline

Airbus A320 (added 2018)

Supported add-on:
Prepar3D: flightsimlabs
X-Plane: flightfactor
FS2020: TBA

Your Airways mainline fleet contains 8 ETOPS 180  certified Airbus A320-214 aircraft.

Our route network requires short- to medium range aircraft. Most of us were “Boeing pilots”, as there has never been a complex Airbus simulator for desktop computers. After the flightsimlabs A320 was released, it was clear that this is the next big thing. Even the life long Boeing lovers started to turn their heads. A320 was chosen for commonality between FSX/P3D and X-Plane platforms.

The aircraft features realistic fly-by-wire flight characteristics, complex fuel, electrical, hydraulic and other systems with extremely detailed textures. More than that, the aircraft features very good and dynamic sound set, data-link simulation, visible icing, integration with ground services and much more. It is being continuously developed and updated.

A320 series has operated over 1400 of JHI flights.

2nd Mainline

Boeing 737-800 (added 2012/2019)

Supported add-on:
Prepar3D: PMDG
X-Plane: zibomod
FS2020: TBA

737 NGX as Boeing 737-900ER was added to our fleet as a replacement of aging MD82 after the PMDG released the NGX version that was ahead of its time. Superb system simulation and clear textures made it a perfect aircraft for the time.

After time went by, it was removed from the fleet and replaced by other add-ons.

More time went by and new pilots wanted to join Your Airways … but they either did not like or own the Airbus add-ons. There was a new zibo mod for X-plane that was highly recommended and required by our pilots. This time it was a 737-800 for commonality between FSX/P3D and X-Plane platforms.

737 series has operated over 2000 of JHI flights.


Airbus A350-900 XWB (added 2020)

Supported add-on:
Prepar3D: NA
X-Plane: flightfactor
FS2020: TBA

Your Airways long-haul fleet contains 2 ETOPS 370 certified Airbus A350-900 aircraft.

Our long haul route network and charter operations requires a modern, efficient and capable aircraft. Depending on payload, we can technically connect every two airports in the world.

Due to Airbus philosophy, A350 requies little training if pilot upgrade from mainline A320 is initiated.

The aircraft features realistic fly-by-wire flight characteristics, complex fuel, electrical, hydraulic and other systems with relatively good modelling. Recent 2020 update has made it comparable with other similar products for X-Plane.


Boeing 747-8 (added 2019)
modern classic

Supported add-on:
Prepar3D: PMDG
X-Plane: SSG (on demand)
FS2020: TBA

Your Airways has had it cargo operation over 10 years.

Our fleet contains two state of the art Boeing 747-8 freighter aircraft. Those aircraft are capable of flying everything from WRC cars to much needed medical supllies. To make it more interesting, our Intranet gives you a type of cargo and needed temperatures for a specific goods.

PMDG does not need any introduction to any flight simmer. The aircraft are one of the most complex, ever made for flight simulator and are often used to benchmark others.


Mcdonnell Douglas MD-83 (added 2008/2019)
old workhorse

Supported add-on:
Prepar3D: maddog
X-Plane: rotate (on demand)
FS2020: TBA

Our MD-83 VIP aircraft if the first that joined Your Airways back in 2008. The original air-frame DC-9-82 LN1227 / 49306 was delivered to American Airlines in 1985, where it flew until 2006. It was part of Your Airways mainline fleet from 2008-2011.

Maddog was needed back and LN1227 was found in Mojave desert. The aircraft had major maintenance, refurbishment and re-certification and rejoined the fleet in 2019.

MD-83 may take more fuel than modern counterparts, but it is built like a tank, meaning it is technically reliable, easy to maintain and it can be flown to many airports, including unpaved surfaces. The VIP range with AUX tanks is over 3000nm, the aircraft can cruise at mach .84.It is also a great challenge for pilots, used to fly “computers”. Only most experienced pilots are allowed to operate the maddog.

MD8X series has operated over 900 of JHI flights.


Socata TBM900 (added 2019)

Supported add-on:
Prepar3D: NA
X-Plane: hotstart
FS2020: TBA

Everyone likes some change, so do we.

Some of our members also like general aviation, challenging operations to smaller dirt strips, often located at mountains or other interesting places.

TBM900 made by hotstart is one of the best and most sophisticated GA aircraft ever developed for X-Plane – no wonder our pilots like it. TBM was added to our fleet at the beginning of 2020 and it offers a unique way of flying. Pilots can add their own schedules and operate to random places while it is still integrated to our e-OFP system.

Those aircraft are based in California and also operated in PilotEdge network on occasion.

Systems and tools for crew

Integrated and up to date systems are vital for any airline

Map feed from our intranet system. If map is not displayed then reload the page

Our backbone

All information about our operations, statistics, downloads, documentation and much more is "hidden" in our Intranet system, powered by heavily modified phpVMS, integrated with Simbrief, Navigraph, VATSIM, OneDrive and other vendors. The system has been designed to mimic real life electronic flight bag, running on a separate device, such as iPad, Surface or similar. V stands for version 5, that was initially released at the beginning of 2018. phpVMS was selected, as it is one of the most robust and easily editable locally installed virtual airline platform. Pilots are not dispatchers, so the system is designed to require minimal user input while offering realistic working environment for the pilot.

Intranet V e-OFP: our heart

Everything you need for a safe flight

Inspired by real systems

System is designed by people who are involved in the EFB system evaluation, implementation and development in real life. Our inspiration has came from Aviobook, IFS, Taillog.

Made by real-life knowhow

The coding is done by real world dispatchers who know how to prepare a safe and efficient flight.

Realistic flight plans

Our system is fully integrated to Simbrief platform, displaying accurate planning data. Our pre- and post flight data is analysed, fuel burn factors are kept up to date (even for a specific add-on).


Our team keeps the system up to date. Our in house support is ready for bug reports or new design ideas.

Easy to use prepare

The system was designed to require minimal input by the end user, the pilot. Just select the flight, edit departure time (plus some optional fields) and off you go.

For tablets (and desktop PCs)

Entire system works well on PC but is designed to be a best fit on the tablet, such as iPad.

Easy to use

Everything you need is just at your fingertips, starting with W&B and fuel data, live weather maps, FMS input examples and ending with aircraft specific checklists.


Our system provides quick access to various functions, such as Navigraph charts, live weather map, aircraft tech log, etc.

Note that you will need a Simbrief.com and Navigraph.com accounts.

Our Principles & Philisophy

that may be different from your current virtual airline

Virtual money and … does not matter for us

We do not measure your landing rates and we do not count the virtual money. We actually do not understand the virtual airlines who publish their average VS rates during the touchdown on the first page of their web. Don’t you have something better to show? Number of latest PIREPs. Who cares? And what is the case with finance stats. The number of flights that the average VA operates (even biggest) would never cover the actual costs of the operation, leases, fuel, navigational fees and staff like that.

Leave the teleportation to Star Trek

All of the aircraft start the flight from the location it landed. Pilots may change a location, if needed, from one base/location to another. All flights shall be flown in real time, time acceleration is also prohibited.

Sharing is caring

We have a limited number of aircraft, so specific tails will be shared between (2-4) members. You wont get a dedicated aircraft in Lufthansa, neither with us. This may require some coordination between our members. Be ready for that, book an aircraft for that Friday fly-in already today.


All flights have to be operated according to all rules, regulations and procedures. If the performance limited takeoff weight for a specific airport at given conditions is n number of tons, then you can not take off if heavier than that. We are watching you!

Hidden dictatorship with a taste of democracy.

Most of the decisions, related to our airline are done by all of the active members. This is accomplished by system of voting. Each active member can vote. Members vote weight is based on factors like activity, seniority and contribution. Each member may introduce an idea for voting. Our management includes CEO, COO and assistants.

Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you

If the aircraft (and a pilot) is involved in an serious incident or accident, caused by gross negligence or willfully, then (Houston,) we have a problem. The faith of the aircraft and pilot will be decided by voting. It may be possible, that the specific aircraft will be a write-off and the pilot has … perished with it (meaning excepted from our memberlist). We hope that it does not happen and we do not have to activate our “dark site”.

Cheating on us. 

There are no activity requirements … but you will be marked “not flown in 30 days”, if you have … not flown for us in past 30 days. We do not prohibit- nor like if our pilot is flying for some other (virtual) airline. But, you may receive a note from the management, especially if the other airline is one of our competitors.

Our goals and values

Our vision and goal is to continue to:

  • be number ONE virtual airline from Estonia.
  • expand our operations within Scandinavia and Baltics, to attract more customers.
  • seek for new markets, like western coast of U.S.
  • innovate and develop our Intranet and e-OFP solutions to offer best possible experience.

Our policies


First priority for Your Airways is safety. Our goal is to be accident and incident free airline. We encourage everyone to report all system bugs, hazards, incidents and occurrences that could affect the safety of our operations. Reporting is done via our Intranet system. Your Airways has a “Just Culture”. This means that we ensure, that no action will be taken against any pilot or other member, who reports a safety concern or other issue, unless such disclosure indicates, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the event was caused by gross negligence or is a deliberate or willful disregard violation of regulations or procedures.


Aviation is one of the most regulated fields in the world, there is a procedure and/or rule for almost everything. When it comes to the implementation of real rules, then virtual aviation is not that regulated. That is where we come in. Our staff has a real life experience with different regulations by EASA, ICAO and IATA. We have tried to implement those rules to our every day operation as much as practicable. This starts with our training- and pilot ranking system and ends with contingency fuel- and flight planning procedures. We use real world aircraft manuals, standard operating procedures and guidlines.


It is common that virtual airlines are advertised as “most realistic”, “most professional” and cliches similar to that. Over the years, our pilots and staff have been members of various different va-s and they have concluded, that we are definitely one of the most real world experience oriented va platform. We do not compare our landing rates or count meaningless virtual money. We offer an environment, that is similar to real airline briefing systems and EFB solutions. We are structured as a real airline and try to follow real world procedures, rules and regulations as much as practicable.  

Values that make us different


Estonia is a small country, our virtual aviation community is even smaller. Most of our members have met in real life to have a chat, share knowledge or have a beer or two. Our members have also arranged fly-ins and group flights. Your Airways internal facebook group has grown to be the only VA group in Estonia, now named as Estonian Virtual Aviation Association. It is a place tho share news, ideas and knowledge about virtual aviation. It also offers a dedicated downloads section for Estonian related sceneries, liveries and much more.


Virtual aviation, as a niche hobby has existed for a long time. Some of our members have been using flight simulators for over 10 years. They have seen sims, such as FS95 and even past that. This means that they have seen add-ons to evolve and solved countless issues with their simulators. Their experience is handy if a newcomer has a problem and the simulator does not behave. Our members combined have logged tens of thousands of virtual flight hours and visited almost every corner of the flight sim world. Some have experience with scenery development or livery design.


Some of our staff and pilots are working in the aviation industry in real life. We have flight dispatchers. Some of our members have a real air traffic control background or are working as an real world ATCs at Tallinn tower/radar unit. On top of that, we have several private pilots or theory instructors. We also have two CPL/ATPL pilots. And it gets even better, we have a real Airbus A320 first officer, operating for major European airline. This kind of real world know-how is extremely valuable and has helped us to develop our virtual airline to the level it is today.

Contact Us

Contact us by e-mail, facebook, discord or simply fill and send the contact form on the right. We do our best to reply to you as soon as possible.

Please note that our official facebook group is co-hosted with Estonian Virtual Aviation Association.


Tallinn Lennart Meri Intl AirportTartu mnt.101

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San Francisco Intl Airport T2
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