It is amazing what the desktop simulator can offer nowdays

Our philosophy
Most sophisticated add-ons for FS

Your Airways was founded due to one aircraft - maddog 2006, it was ahead of its time. Add-on featured things never seen before in one package. Like visual icing effects, working flight data recorder, working circuit breakers, separately dimmable panel lights and much more.

Next big thing was PMDG Boeing 737 NGX, that also rised the bar for desktop flight simulation.

Flightsim labs A32X series is our current main workhorse.

There is no place for Ctrl+E in our airline. Your Airways continues to select best available aircraft simulations for the fleet.

Airbus A32X

Your Airways mainline fleet contains 8 ETOPS 180  certified Airbus A320-214 aircraft.

Our route network requires short- to medium range aircraft. Most of us were "Boeing pilots", as there has never been a complex Airbus simulator for desktop computers. After the flightsimlabs A320 was released, it was clear that this is the next big thing. Even the life long Boeing lovers started to turn their heads.

The aircraft features realistic fly-by-wire flight characteristics, complex fuel, electrical, hydraulic and other systems with extremely detailed textures. More than that, the aircraft features very good and dynamic sound set, data-link simulation, visible icing, integration with GSX and much more. It is being continuously developed and updated.

(Prepar3D: flightsimlabs | X-Plane: flightfactor)

Other types
on Demand

Everyone likes some change, so do we. Other aircraft types are available as the pilots have requested. Reasons may be different, someone does not like Airbus, someone does not have hardware to run fslabs, some are needed to cover longer flights over the oceans.

  • To compliment our A320 fleet, we also offer Boeing 737-800.
    (Prepar3D: PMDG/NGX | X-Plane: Zibo)
  • Boeing 747-8 was selected for our long-haul ops as one of the most complex widebody simulation.
    (Prepar3D: PMDG)
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-83 is our special asset. We have restored our first aircraft, ES-JMA. It is used for group and VIP charters.
    (Prepar3D: flythemaddog | X-Plane: Rotate)