It is amazing what the desktop simulator can offer nowadays.

Our philosophy
Most sophisticated add-ons for desktop simulation for everyone.

Your Airways was founded due to one aircraft, Maddog 2006, McDonnell Douglas MD-80, it was ahead of its time. Add-on featured things never seen before in one package. Like visual icing effects, working flight data recorder, working circuit breakers, separately dimmable panel lights and much more.

Next big thing was PMDG NGX, Boeing 737-800, that also rised the bar for desktop flight simulation. Followed by flightsimlabs A320.

Thereafter, complexity of the add-ons for the fleet is the core principle for Your Airways. There is no place for Ctrl+E in our airline. Your Airways continues to select best available aircraft simulations based on our members demand.

With the introduction of new simulators, it is also important to support as many platforms as possible. Therefore we take the aircraft that are available for as many simulators as possible (e.g. 737 and A320 as one of the most popular types).

Livery design - 2020
Estonishing, simple, yet unique

modern design, that would stand for several years

It is hard to come up with some unique design that has never used before, but we thing we have succeeded. Light gray dominates the fuselage, usually left white, while the tail section, usually used for branding, is factory white. The gradient from gray to white is done by using pattern from Estonian National Museum. Our main color blue, is still present for contrast on the engines and next to the entrance.

clear brand and origin visibility

Our beautiful logo is painted to multiple locations all over the aircraft. This includes wiglets, underside, entry and most predominantly – tail. The goal is to stand out from the crowd so that everyone would see who we are. The other major goal was to represent our country – huge #visitestonia branding is placed on both sides of the fuselage. All elements of the branding are clearly visible for general public and also for customer. There are small Estonian flags on 6 places on the aircraft – can you spot them? Besides that, all aircraft are named according to cities from Estonia.

Timeless Commercials

We have added QR code. In that way we do not have to replace the commercials and ads to our aircraft, they are always up to date.

Clear Branding

Clear branding is a key, if you want to be recognized, remembered and seen. We have added branding elements to major locations, visible for all angles.

Deeper Blue

Blue is a color for the sky and sea. It has been on our livery for a very long time. Now it is darker and deeper, representing our long-lasting commitment and professionalism. 

National Pattern

We wanted to display something related to Estonia, so that the crew and travelers would remember the origins, even on the other side of the world.

National Marketing

visitestonia.com is one of the best marketing brands the country has had – why not to paint it to our aircraft?


A320-214 Mainline

ESJAC – “Põlva”
ESJAD – “Võru”
ESJAE – “Haapsalu”
ESJAF – “Viljandi”
ESJAG – “Rakvere”
ESJAH – “Kuressaare”

A320-214 Executive


A320-251N NEO Executive


A320 was added to the fleet in 2018. Most of us were "Boeing pilots", as there has never been a complex Airbus simulator for desktop computers. After the flightsimlabs A320 was released, it was clear that this is the next big thing. Even the life long Boeing lovers started to turn their heads.

The aircraft featured realistic fly-by-wire flight characteristics, complex fuel, electrical, hydraulic and other systems with extremely detailed textures. More than that, the aircraft features very good and dynamic sound set, data-link simulation, visible icing, integration with ground services and much more. It is being continuously developed and updated. Similar complexity is offered by FlightFactor for X-Plane

Supported add-ons:

  • Prepar3D: flightsimlabs
  • X-Plane: flightfactor
  • Flight Simulator 2020: flybywire (executive)


737-800 Mainline

ESJBL – “Pärnu”
ESJBN – “Narva”
ESJBO – “Tartu”
ESJBP – “Tallinn”

737-800 Executive


Boeing 737, then version -900, was initially introduced to our fleet back in 2012 after the release of PMDG NGX. It was a milestone in desktop simulator and was the main reason why people started moving from FS2004 to FSX. NGX was in our fleet for quite some time.

Our old friend was brought back to service in 2019 due to demand from pilots. It completes our fleet so that there is something for "both sides". -800 version is used for easier cross-platform support.

PMDG has released several updates and continues to set the bar for the desktop simulator add-ons. For X-Plane, there is a wonderful free Zibo / LevelUp 737, close to the payware standards.

Supported add-ons:

  • Prepar3D: NA
  • X-Plane: Zibo / LevelUp
  • Flight Simulator 2020: TBA

747-8 Cargo


Some of us like long-haul flights and are logging more than 24h of flight time within one calendar day - we don't know how ...

Cargo operation is different as you can visit many different and interesting airports. Your Airways has had it cargo operation over 10 years, 747-8 was added to the fleet in 2019.

Our fleet contains one state of the art Boeing 747-8 freighter aircraft. Those aircraft are capable of flying everything from WRC cars to much needed medical supplies. To make it more interesting, our Intranet gives you a type of cargo and needed temperatures for a specific goods.

PMDG does not need any introduction to any flight simmer. The aircraft are one of the most complex, ever made for flight simulator and are often used to benchmark others.

Supported add-ons:

  • Prepar3D: PMDG
  • X-Plane: TBA
  • Flight Simulator 2020: TBA


TBM900 Executive


How does that member fit to the band?

If nights in Europe get dark and cold some sunlight is needed. As we operate in real time and real weather, west coast of USA with changing landscape and good weather is perfect place for some VFR touring.

Hotstart TBM900 is one of the most complex GA aircraft simulation available for desktop flight simulation. If offers everything from working circuit barkers to visible icing simulation. No wonder we have it in our fleet.

Supported add-on:

  • Prepar3D: NA
  • X-Plane: HotStart
  • Flight Simulator 2020: default (plus improvement and G3000 mod)

McDonnell Douglas

MD83 Executive


ES-JMA is the first aircraft Your Airways operated back at the end of 2008. After the release of updated version of our old workhorse for Prepar3D, it was clear that we need to get it back.

Our old air frame was found resting in Victorville, CA. It required some major maintenance, but is now as close as new.

The new version of maddog is definitely one of the best and most complex ever add-ons made for any flight simulator platform. It requires good piloting skills and lack of automation makes it a challenge and fun to fly.

Supported add-on:

  • Prepar3D: NA
  • X-Plane: HotStart
  • Flight Simulator 2020: default