Flight Operations

Connecting Estonia with the world.

Scheduled flights
Our main goal is to be number one airline by traffic volume from Estonia.

We have operated all over the world, but the main goal, as for any airline is to serve their home market. Your Airways has been number one airline operating from virtual Tallinn airport for years, on some months, our volumes have exceeded 35% of all arrivals and departures. The number of flights has even exceeded our southern and northern neighbors at their own home airports. In perspective, it is a remarkable achievement that such a small airline has more flights than our much bigger rivals. Lets continue that trend of keeping our home to ourselves so that "Dorpat" remains well known callsign in the area.

Scheduled flight destinations are picked based on real world destinations from Tallinn, scenery availability and users demand.

Charters, Cargo and Executive flights
Same routes may get boring, so we offer a way to fly anywhere.

There is a unique feature, that not too many virtual airlines have, to enter your own schedules to the planning system. In other words, our members can fly to any airport in the world. The procedure is relatively simple, simply add departure, destination, flight time and you are done. Flight planning system gives you route, payload data, flight numbers and everything else automatically.

Head Offices
Cites by the bays

Your Airways operates from two hubs:

  • Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport EETN/TLL, Estonia

    We are Estonian virtual airline, so Tallinn is the obviously choice for our main hub. Your Airways generates about 35% of the entire VATSIM traffic to/from TLL. Tallinn airport scenery is made by Drzewiecki Design, its runway is almost 3500 m long, making it suitable for basically any type of aircraft.

  • San Fransisco International Airport KSFO/SFO, United States

    Winters in northern Europe are cold and dark, but we like warm and daylight. If it gets dark in Estonia, the sun just starts to rise in California. Therefore our pilots loved to fly over the Nevada deserts, Rocky Mountains and over beautiful west coast.

Scheduled flights route map

Route map is featched from our live scheduling system, if it does not load, then refresh.