Our goals and values

Our vision and goal is to continue to:

  • be number ONE virtual airline from Estonia.
  • expand our operations within Scandinavia and Baltics, to attract more customers.
  • seek for new markets, like western coast of U.S.
  • innovate and develop our Intranet and e-OFP solutions to offer best possible experience.

Our policies


First priority for Your Airways is safety. Our goal is to be accident and incident free airline. We encourage everyone to report all system bugs, hazards, incidents and occurrences that could affect the safety of our operations. Reporting is done via our Intranet system. Your Airways has a “Just Culture”. This means that we ensure, that no action will be taken against any pilot or other member, who reports a safety concern or other issue, unless such disclosure indicates, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the event was caused by gross negligence or is a deliberate or willful disregard violation of regulations or procedures.


Aviation is one of the most regulated fields in the world, there is a procedure and/or rule for almost everything. When it comes to the implementation of real rules, then virtual aviation is not that regulated. That is where we come in. Our staff has a real life experience with different regulations by EASA, ICAO and IATA. We have tried to implement those rules to our every day operation as much as practicable. This starts with our training- and pilot ranking system and ends with contingency fuel- and flight planning procedures. We use real world aircraft manuals, standard operating procedures and guidlines.