Some of our Principles 

that may be different from your current virtual airline

It does not matter for us

We do not measure your landing rates and we do not count the virtual money. We actually do not understand the virtual airlines who publish their average VS rates during the touchdown on the first page of their web. Don’t you have something better to show? Number of latest PIREPs. Who cares? And what is the case with finance stats. The number of flights that the average VA operates (even biggest) would never cover the actual costs of the operation, leases, fuel, navigational fees and staff like that.

Leave the teleportation to Star Trek

All of the aircraft start the flight from the location it landed. Pilots may change a location, if needed, from one base/location to another. All flights shall be flown in real time, time acceleration is also prohibited.

Sharing is caring

We have a limited number of aircraft, so specific tails will be shared between (2-4) members. You wont get a dedicated aircraft in Lufthansa, neither with us. This may require some coordination between our members. Be ready for that, book an aircraft for that Friday fly-in already today.


All flights have to be operated according to all rules, regulations and procedures. If the performance limited takeoff weight for a specific airport at given conditions is n number of tons, then you can not take off if heavier than that. We are watching you!

Hidden dictatorship with a taste of democracy.

Most of the decisions, related to our airline are done by all of the active members. This is accomplished by system of voting. Each active member can vote. Members vote weight is based on factors like activity, seniority and contribution. Each member may introduce an idea for voting. Our management includes CEO, COO and assistants.

Speed has never killed anyone. Suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you

If the aircraft (and a pilot) is involved in an serious incident or accident, caused by gross negligence or willfully, then (Houston,) we have a problem. The faith of the aircraft and pilot will be decided by voting. It may be possible, that the specific aircraft will be a write-off and the pilot has … perished with it (meaning excepted from our memberlist). We hope that it does not happen and we do not have to activate our “dark site”.

Cheating on us. 

There are no activity requirements … but you will be marked “not flown in 30 days”, if you have … not flown for us in past 30 days. We do not prohibit- nor like if our pilot is flying for some other (virtual) airline. You may receive a note from the management, especially if the other airline is one of our competitors.