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Mcdonnell Douglas MD-83 VIP

Our MD-83 VIP aircraft if the first that joined Your Airways back in 2008. The original airframe DC-9-82 LN1227 / 49306 was delivered to American Airlines in 1985, where it flew until 2006. It was part of Your Airways mainline fleet from 2008-2011, before being converted into VIP configuration. (flythemaddog 2006-2008-2010)

The aircraft had another major maintenance and refurbishment at the beginning of 2019. Aircraft received all modifications to be certified as MD83. (flythemaddog 2018)

MD-83 may take more fuel than modern counterparts, but it is built like a tank, meaning it is technically reliable, easy to maintain and it can be flown to many airports, including unpaved surfaces. The VIP range with AUX tanks is over 3000nm, the aircraft can cruise at mach .84.

It is also a great challenge for pilots, used to fly "computers". Only most experienced pilots are allowed to operate the maddog.