Mr.Trump, here we come

The idea to open abase away from home as been circling for some time. We asked ourselves:Dowe want to fly to/from some other places besides Tallinn and concluded,that it would be nice breath of fresh air(for those who would like to have it). So why to operate in “other colors”,if we could do it in Your Airways.By the way, Smartlynx operateswith bases in Vietnam and Regional Jet (Nordica) in Sweden and Denmark.

Now it is time to move from idea to reality. We will ferry two“stored”Airbus aircraft to SFO. Let’s see how this project goes.SFO is connected with TLL by direct 747-8 flight.

The away from home base will be SFO –San Francisco/ California. Why?

-It has a very good and continuously updated scenery by Flightbeam.
-The area is beautiful with different landscapes from Nevada deserts to mountains in Pacific Northwest. Additionally, the area has a very good scenery coverage by ORBX areas and others.
-Area is (in general) 10 hours behind us, meaning that after a long working day, it is possible to fly during the daylight.
-There are plenty of airports with high quality scenery in a range of 1-2 flight hrs.Destinations are on the next page.