Dear all

Running our airline is not as easy as it may look. So what needs to be done to keep it alive?

Most important system is our Intranet, that is used to prepare and conduct a safe flight, collect post-flight data, share files and information. There is no system that would do all of that out of the box, it has taken tens (hundreds, over the years) of hours to develop and maintain the system. One of the most interesting and challenging part has been our e-OFP solution, fully integrated with Simbrief. It has required lot of “out-of-the-box” thinking to get it to the state it is. E.g. none of the current VA systems offer a way to add SELCAL codes, fuel factors to the briefing pack or a way to monitor delay codes or planned vs actual fuel usage. It has all been developed in house.

This system also needs some basic data to work, aircraft, schedules and much more. Today, our system includes 239 separate schedules, all require up to date route and other information. Someone must keep it up to date.
We also need a public web page, so that visitors could see what we do, who we are, how to join, etc.

Besides all this technical staff, airline needs a visual identity, liveries must be designed and painted. We also need procedures and manuals that need to be written, kept up to date and current.

We also need to have a vision and plan. Where we fly, why we fly, how we recruit and train our staff, etc.
Daily work duties also include PIREP verification, route updates, answering questions, publishing news and updates.This all has been basically done by one person only.

Today we will introduce a new position, called COO – Chief Operating Officer. This is done to share the tasks, reduce the time for replies and to bring some new ideas and views to our company. This position will be taken by Martin, who received unanimous support by our members. Martin has been using flight simulators for over 10 years, his VATSIM ID starts with 8 and has been a member of Your Airways since March 2018 and flown 142 legs / 239 hours in our colors. He has good communication and management skills, backed up by real life experience from the naval background.

Congratulations on the new position!