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Socata TBM900 added to fleet

Hotstart TBM900 Everyone likes some change, so do we. Some of our members also like general aviation, challenging operations to smaller dirt strips, often located at mountains or other interesting places. TBM900 made by hotstart is one of the best and most sophisticated GA aircraft ever developed for X-Plane – no wonder our pilots like…

2000th flight of 737

On 30/05/2019, 737 operated its 2000th flight in our colors. Boeing 737 has been in our fleet since 2012 (with a small gap).


Dear all Running our airline is not as easy as it may look. So what needs to be done to keep it alive? Most important system is our Intranet, that is used to prepare and conduct a safe flight, collect post-flight data, share files and information. There is no system that would do all of…

New website

Work on our new website has been completed and it is published. Welcome!

4000th flight

Your Airways has set another milestone, our 4000th flight has just depared from TLL, at the same moment, we have flown almost 9400 hrs. and carried almost 0,6 million passengers. We have been operational for over 10 years, had its ups and downs, but going now stronger than ever. As of today, we have operated…

SFO base opened

Mr.Trump, here we come The idea to open abase away from home as been circling for some time. We asked ourselves:Dowe want to fly to/from some other places besides Tallinn and concluded,that it would be nice breath of fresh air(for those who would like to have it). So why to operate in “other colors”,if we…